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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Plumbs, Argents and Cullingfords

Hi Tom
Thought I'd write and let you know what a treasure your website is! I wish more local history societies had one like it. There's a wealth of information giving a real flavour to the social history and how people of all classes lived in the area.
I've recently found out I'm related to the Plumbs and Argents of Sible Headingham and surrounding area, but I've only just scratched the surface so far. My great-grandmother was Alice Plumb born 1859 in Sib Hed and her mother was Mary Ann Argent, her father Isaac Plumb.
Alice married Joseph Cullingford in Sept 1883. He was a footman and then a groom. I know they stayed in Shadow Bush, Poslingford for a while because that is where her son and my grandfather, Claude William Cullingford was born in 1888. Claude had an older brother called Percy who was born in Holton, Suffolk in 1884 and a younger sister called Mabel who was also born in Poslingford, Suffolk in 1894.
The family moved to The Lodge, Sloe House, Halstead, Essex and were still there at least until 1921-22. Claude joined the Cameron Highlanders and moved to Edinburgh (don't know if he moved to Edinburgh first - he was a footman, too). He met my grandmother, Jessie Bonthrone there and they married in 1915. He died in France in 1916, without ever seeing his son, William - my father.
I think Percy, Claude's brother, died in France, too.
My father only met his grandfather once - when my grandmother, Jessie, took him (age 5-6) on the long journey from Fife to Halstead to meet his grandparents. He only remembered Joseph was a groom and he smoked a meerschaum pipe. He could remember the smell of it and the smell of leather in the stables. He was given his own horse to ride during his stay. The horse was called Strawberry! He couldn't remember his grandmother Alice at all, which is a pity.
So it was really interesting for me to read your Newspaper Archives which is the jewel in the crown on your website. What a magnificent achievement to have recorded all that information! Shadow Bush, Poslingford is mentioned two or three times in different reports and the Plumbs and Argents too for other articles. I don't know if I'm related to them all, but no doubt I'll find that out in the fullness of time.
I hope to visit Sible Headingham and Halstead sometime in the future, work permitting, to do some more research and I guess just to walk in my ancestor's footsteps. But for now, I'll log on to your website often. I've even made it one of my Favourites!
Thank you and please thank everyone else involved for making this such a gem of a website.
Christine Young