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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Plumbs, Argents and Cullingfords

Hi Tom
Thought I'd write and let you know what a treasure your website is! I wish more local history societies had one like it. There's a wealth of information giving a real flavour to the social history and how people of all classes lived in the area.
I've recently found out I'm related to the Plumbs and Argents of Sible Headingham and surrounding area, but I've only just scratched the surface so far. My great-grandmother was Alice Plumb born 1859 in Sib Hed and her mother was Mary Ann Argent, her father Isaac Plumb.
Alice married Joseph Cullingford in Sept 1883. He was a footman and then a groom. I know they stayed in Shadow Bush, Poslingford for a while because that is where her son and my grandfather, Claude William Cullingford was born in 1888. Claude had an older brother called Percy who was born in Holton, Suffolk in 1884 and a younger sister called Mabel who was also born in Poslingford, Suffolk in 1894.
The family moved to The Lodge, Sloe House, Halstead, Essex and were still there at least until 1921-22. Claude joined the Cameron Highlanders and moved to Edinburgh (don't know if he moved to Edinburgh first - he was a footman, too). He met my grandmother, Jessie Bonthrone there and they married in 1915. He died in France in 1916, without ever seeing his son, William - my father.
I think Percy, Claude's brother, died in France, too.
My father only met his grandfather once - when my grandmother, Jessie, took him (age 5-6) on the long journey from Fife to Halstead to meet his grandparents. He only remembered Joseph was a groom and he smoked a meerschaum pipe. He could remember the smell of it and the smell of leather in the stables. He was given his own horse to ride during his stay. The horse was called Strawberry! He couldn't remember his grandmother Alice at all, which is a pity.
So it was really interesting for me to read your Newspaper Archives which is the jewel in the crown on your website. What a magnificent achievement to have recorded all that information! Shadow Bush, Poslingford is mentioned two or three times in different reports and the Plumbs and Argents too for other articles. I don't know if I'm related to them all, but no doubt I'll find that out in the fullness of time.
I hope to visit Sible Headingham and Halstead sometime in the future, work permitting, to do some more research and I guess just to walk in my ancestor's footsteps. But for now, I'll log on to your website often. I've even made it one of my Favourites!
Thank you and please thank everyone else involved for making this such a gem of a website.
Christine Young


Blogger Tom Hastie said...

Hello Christine.
Just a little piece I thought about the Plumb's. I used to work on Brook Hall farm at Foxearth, now up in the apex of the granary there, there is a inscription in a brick, it says A. Plumb or it may be A. P. and the date in the 1880's, I am not quite sure, I found in the census for 1881 Alfred Plumb lived in one of the houses where I live now (Red Cottages) he was a brick maker born in S.Hedingham with wife Kate --Arrettucia? daugh--Alfred son--Arthur son--Vera is marked as a son so I have got ? beside his name probably mistake---Albert son--James son--Beatrice daugh--Edith Plumb visitor--Geo Brider? nephew. Now the Brand the family that owned the farm and still do, had the farm rebuilt about that time and had their own brick yard, just a small thing to make bricks for the farm so when it was finished I suppose he moved on as he was not there in the 1891 census, by the way Arthur aged 17 was brick maker's labourer. In the 1881 census I think there was 78 Plumbs in Pentlow. Thought it might interest someone.

15 January 2005 at 23:58  
Blogger Christine Young said...

This is brilliant - and what a coincidence!! I have information on the Plumbs you mentioned who stayed in your house. The only thing is - the info I have is that his wife's name was Emma, not Kate. His daughter is Arethusa, which I thought was a biblical name until I looked it up on the web. Apparently Arethusa is the name of a spring, and in Greek mythology she was a sexy Greek water nymph! I don't know if her mother and father knew that when they named her, or whether she lived up to her name. But there was a previous Arethusa that she could have been named after. I have the visitor's name as George Binks.

I didn't have a lot of time to go into it properly tonight, but I'll try to work out Alfred's relationship to my great-grandmother Alice, and let you know what I've found. I'll contact Andrew tomorrow night and let my researching friend know tomorrow night too. I've attached the file I copied from the CD 1881 Census on Alfred. Double click it to open Word (hopefully). Let me know if you have a problem opening it.

I can hardly believe this! What a small world it really is.

Alfred Plumb – 1881 Census – b.1841 Sible Hedingham

Census Place: Foxearth, Essex, England
Source: FHL Film 1341442 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 1825 Folio 84

Page 15
Marr Age Sex Birthplace
Alfred PLUMB M 40 M Sible Hedingham, Essex, England
Rel: Head
Occ: Brick Maker

Emma PLUMB M 39 F Halstead, Essex, England
Rel: Wife

Arethusa PLUMB U 21 F Halstead, Essex, England
Rel: Daur

Alfred PLUMB 10 M Belchamp S Pauls, Essex, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Scholar

Arthur PLUMB U 17 M Halstead, Essex, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Brickmakers Lab

Vera PLUMB 8 M Belchamp S Pauls, Essex, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Scholar

Albert PLUMB 7 M Belchamp S Pauls, Essex, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Scholar

James B. PLUMB 4 M Foxearth, Essex, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Scholar

Beatrice E. PLUMB 1 F Foxearth, Essex, England
Rel: Daur

George BINKS 11 M Halstead, Essex, England
Rel: Nephew
Occ: Scholar

Edith PLUMB U 15 F Halstead, Essex, England
Rel: Visitor
Occ: General Servant Dom

15 January 2005 at 23:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is so amazing - I have only just managed to trace Emily Plumb - my Great Grandmother - daughter of Alfred and Emma Plumb - she was born in 1868 according to the 1871 census in Belchamp St Paul and she is listed as Sarah E - In the 1881 census she is listed as Emily S Plumb -living in Lambeth as a servant to Mary & Thomas Boothe - then in 1891 she is Emily S Robson married to Walter Robson and has three children - Daisy born 1888 Walter (my grandfather)born 1889 and Christopher born ?? - Christopher however does not appear on the 1901 census but by then Emily and Walter have 9 children - after Walter came Reginald 1892 - Archibald 1894 - Gladys 1896 - John 1897 - Arthur 1898 - Emily 1899 - May 1900. I am sure that she spent the rest of her life in Tottenham - I was born there and so was my father who was Emily Plumb's Grandson. Changing her first name from Sarah and using her second name of Emily doesnt surprise me at all - it seems to have been the norm in all her offspting - my father was named Victor but has always been known as Ben - I am planning to go down to Essex some time in the summer to - as you say - walk in my family's footsteps - I have been back to Tottenham recently and found the street where they lived - it is very nostalgic and exciting all at the same time - It would appear also that Binks is a family name - I will do some research on that - as you say - what a small world it really is

20 February 2005 at 21:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am related to the wife of Rev. John Foster and was wondering if you could tell me more about them. I have been unable to find any children for this couple, nor can I find a marriage record or death records and burial locations. I was only able to find their wherabouts through census records. Your help, if you have an information would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Dale M. Rutherford
email address is:

27 April 2005 at 22:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was wondering if there is any information on one Jacob Deaves of cheltenham, Gloucestshire England.He was born about 1645. Jacob married Ann Ashmead also from England. Can you advise as to where I might obtain information as to his parents and siblings. I do have information as to his family in the US.
Thank you,
Jean D. Hazard

28 April 2005 at 19:45  
Blogger Christine Young said...

Hi Jean and Dale (from previous two posts)

Dale - I haven't come across the Rev John Foster in my own Family Tree yet, but there's a lot of information about him on the Foxearth & District Local History Society site. If you search the archives on the site for the Rev John Foster (the search link is on the left bar), you should find out more about him. I think there are photos of him too. Birth, marriage and death records for the area are held in the Essex Record office in Chelmsford. You could try there for the information you're looking for if you haven't done so already. Good luck!

Jean - I haven't researched anywhere in Gloucestershire so far, but I'd say the Gloucestershire Record Office (if you haven't already contacted them) is your best bet of finding out the parents and siblings of Jacob Deaves. Search for Gloucestershire County Council first then search the site for their Record Office. I'm sure you'll be able to contact them on-line. Good luck! Hope you find what you're looking for.

Regards to both of you

17 August 2005 at 18:42  
Blogger Christine Young said...

Hi Pat

Firstly, I have to apologise for the length of time it's taken me to answer your posting. But in that time I've looked at all the info I have on the Plumbs in more detail.

It's great you let me know about Emily/Sarah Plumb as I would never have known she existed at all. I don't have the 1871 census for Alfred Plumb and his family. Emily/Sarah fits in very nicely between Arthur (b. 1864) and Alfred (b. 1871). And I'm pretty sure my gt-grandmother, Alice, would have known her as they were cousins. So you could say we're distantly related! It's possible that Emily's employment as a domestic servant in the city was quite a common thing for rural youngsters to do. But I have to say, it makes family research a bit more difficult, particularly when they change their christian names so often.

Our mutual ancestor is Isaac Plumb (b. 1805) who married Caroline ? (don't know her maiden name yet) in 1828 in Sible Hedingham. In the 1841 Census, Isaac was a weaver and they stayed in Watermill Lane, Sible Hedingham, in 1851 he was a silk throwster? and the family stayed at 135 Swan St, Sible Hedingham. In 1861 Isaac was a silk weaver and they were staying at 3 Factory Row, Halstead. In 1851, Caroline was a charwoman. Their children were all either involved in the silk or crepe weaving industry or agricultural labourers.

I don't suppose family research is ever really finished. There's so much information to be found. Each time I find something out, it raises even more questions.

Have you managed a visit to the Foxearth area yet? If you have I hope you found out lots more information and as you say, it's strange and quite exciting to be in the area where you know your ancestors have been. Good luck with your research on the Binks.


17 August 2005 at 20:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Christine
This is a very belated contact as I have only recently been introduced to the Foxearth website.
I have a Hannah Plumb in my tree. She was born in Foxearth c.1781 and died/was buried? Dec 16 1859 at Foxearth.
She is not my direct ancestor as she was the second wife of my 3xgreat grandfather John Chinery. They were married at Borley on May 26 1804.
In 1851 census they were living at Church St.Foxearth.
Does she tie in with your family?

2 September 2006 at 14:06  
Blogger Christine Young said...

Hi Grace

It's great to hear from you! I hope you're enjoying this website -Chinery is one of the names that crops up time and time again.

I haven't found a Hannah Plumb in my research so far, but I don't have a lot of information from around that time yet. But I'm sure she does tie in with my ancestors somewhere. She's possibly a sister, cousin or neice of my direct line ancestor, Isaac Plumb, who was born in 1764. I hope to find out sooner or later when I research the Plumbs living in the 1700s a bit more. I'll let you know if I find her!

I wish you all the best with your own family research. I think you'll find plenty of information on the Chinerys in the old Newspaper articles, too. Good luck!


27 October 2006 at 22:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am related to the Argents in Belchamp Otten one of my ancestors Abraham Goody/Goodey married a Muhalah Argent around 1815.The Goodys lived in Belchamp Otten at least from 1684 and married into lots of local families.
Tracey Morgan nee Goody

25 November 2009 at 19:31  

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