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Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Mayhews of Pentlow Street (by Joy Steward nee Mayhew)

Hugh Mayhew
born at Cotton near Stowmarket,Moved to Bradfields,Foxearth;Moved to Pentlow Street on marriage to Mabel Allen circ.1912;Worked as steward on Brands farm.
Mabel Allen
born in Glemsford;Moved to Pentlow Street on marriage to Hugh Mayhew.


Ida Mayhew
born 1913 went into service at Clacton,then worked at Beaumont Hall Hotel in Clacton until marriage to John Fairclough. Lived in Clacton,during the war returned to Pentlow while John served in the R.A.F.working at Wards Brewery during this time.After the war both returned to Brightlingsea to run an Off licence.
Alan Mayhew.
born 1915 went to school at Pentlow,left at 15 to work on the farm with his father.He married Viola Maxim who also attended Pentlow school at the same time.He courted her when she moved to Clacton to work in an hotel and cycled the 60miles to see her after a hard days work on the farm..They lived at Ropers Farm,Pentlow a tied house before moving to Street Farm where they stayed for 14 years.To obtain a better position for himself and realising that Oliver Brand,having 3 sons meant that a step up the ladder to farm manager and taking over from his father Hugh was unlikely he moved to Sudbourne to further his career.
Lilian Mayhew
born at Pentlow Street.died from T.B. aged 21.
Stan Mayhew
attended Pentlow school, occupation builder served in the army during the war returning to marry and live in Sudbury.Bernard Mayhew born at Pentlow Street,attended Pentlow school, occupation bricklayer,served in the army stationed in Norfolk,then to France,Belgium before being invalided out after injury to return to Pentlow to work on Oliver Brands farm and where he still lives.after retirement.Adrian Mayhew attended Pentlow School, occupation builder, served in the Navy before returning to live at Long Melford after marriage.Eric Mayhew born at Pentlow Street,attended Pentlow school occupation builder served in the army in France returning to marry and live in Cavendish where he still resides after retirement.
Cedric Mayhew
born at Pentlow Street attended Grammar school worked in an office then continued to work on Oliver Brands farm.Married,lived in Pentlow before moving to Glemsford,now living in Sudbury.
Colin Mayhew
born at Pentlow Street attended Earls Colne school as a boarder,worked in an office,then worked as a farm labourer for Oliver Brand at Pentlow.Lived at Pentlow after marriage,moved to Glemsford then to Stansted.
Emma Maxim
lived at Paynes Manor Cottages with husband AlbertEmma worked on the fields stone picking to supplement her income,she also workedat Wards Brewery,Foxearth for a short time.In the event of a local persondying,Emma was called upon to lay them out before they were placed in the coffin forburial.
worked at Coopers Farm as horseman looking after 10 horses.Albert died from T.B. aged 46 yearsFamily
attended Pentlow school,worked at Skillets Farm,married,lived at Pentlow,before moving to Billericay to be closer to his wifes family.
Born in 1914,attended Pentlow school died 1930 aged 16 years from T.B.
Born in 1916 attended Pentlow school left to go into service at Belchamp St.Paul then moved to work at Beaumont Hall Hotel in Clacton on Sea until marriage when she moved to Ropers Farm,Pentlow
Born in 1923 attended Pentlow school joined Whitlocks at Yeldham as a trainee engineer.During the war he served in the army being posted to Africa,on his return he married and moved to Mansfield to be close to his wifes family and finding employment working underground in the coal mine.This lasted a few years until he found employment driving the coal lorries.


Blogger Hookleg said...

I also have Mayhew relatives from Cotton. My Gt gt grandmother was a daughter of Nathaniel Mayhew and Ann Read. She does not appear as a Mayhew on the 1841 census as she was already married Her name was Harriet, born 1811. Can you give me any links for your family back to Cotton. I have relatives on my tree to 'born 1860'(Herbert George), but none more recent

17 January 2010 at 22:48  

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