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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Printing photos from the site-The Whittles

I have visited your web site for Foxearth & District Local History many
times. As my nan and grandad lived in Foxearth for many years and are buried in the grave yard at Foxearth. I have searched through the photos of Foxearth on your web site and would like to try and get a copy of the Coronation Supper photo as my grandparents are in this picture. I wondered if you could help.

Linzi Allen


I'm glad you visit the site often. It would be nice to know the names of your grandparents. The photo was borrowed only briefly from the owner. All these photos are stored at the maximum resolution that their original quality allowed, so you can actually print them out with a decent printer at full resolution. As far as I am aware, there are no copyright restrictions on any of these photographs as long as they are for personal use. If you tell a digital print shop the URL of the photo (the address at the top of the browser) they'll be able to produce a print that looks pretty good. We use ACD See to print the photos. If you use 'Best' quality at both ends you can get pretty remarkable prints. Beware, though. Although Hewlett Packard say their ink doesn't fade, beleve me it does.


My grandparents were Gladys and Bertie Whittle
they lived in Claypits. So I spent much of my childhood in Foxearth



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi I have Whittles in my family too. Mine is Edgar Whittle who was a postman in Liston, he married a Smith. I can provide more detail.

10 September 2008 at 06:22  

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