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Monday, January 07, 2008

Sadler Tribe

Considerable effort has to date traced my branch of the SADLER tribe back to the uper Stour area.

At present we are stuck with no ancestry for a John Sadler, born ca 1690-1710, who married in Belchamp St Paul a Sarah Marshall 20.10.1731, and later an Elizabeth Osborne 25.12.1738, both times in B St P.

From the second marriage he had 4 children, all born Belchamp St Paul:

Anne 1744 married a James Wells, from whom I have a couple of generations of descendants

Richard 1746 married Mary Parsons 20.10.1766 in Pentlow - this is my line and goes on until the present day through Cavendish and Newmarket

William 1748 married Sarah Goodchild 11.12.1769 in Cavrendish, later a Mary unknown about 1780, again in Cavendish - 5 children

James 1750 married Hannah Harrington 9.8.1770 in Cavendish; four children born in Pentlow.

If anybody has info on a John Sadler born in the area about 1690-1710, I'd be glad to have it. I know there were several Sadler pairs in both Clare and Stoke-by-Clare from 1650 on, but none so far has a John; Stoke -by-Clare records are missing for a period of 10 years just when I need them!

Equally, if i can help anyone working on the name Wells, or who has an odd Sadler in their tree, I would be very happy to do so.

Glemsford, Borley and Foxearth also show up in the tree later on.

Ray Sadlr


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Richard Sadler and Mary Parsons are also my line!! I am Richard's 6x great grandson through his son William and daughter-in-law Susan Butcher.

I have some news on John,. His father was a William and his mother was an Ann Wellman. I can also provide you with details of his grandparents and I believe I have traced his wife, Elizabeth Osborn to Salem, Massachusetts.

Her parents were Derbys and Osborns and her maternal grandparents were Derbys and Hasketts.

All 3 families appear to have been quite prominent families in Salem, to the point where the Derby family have roads named after them in the town!!

I have more information, so please get in touch at

All the best,

Russell Price

3 December 2011 at 23:53  

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