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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Home Ward bound.

I've just moved in to Glemsford and discovered that my Great Great Grandmother and my Great Grandmother were both born and raised in the village. I'm assuming that it goes further back too. My Great Great Grandmother was Mary Ann Oakley (b. abt March 1854) her father was Thomas Oakley and he married Sarah Ann Byford about 7.7.1850. My G.G. Grandmother married John Brown and Sarah Jane Brown was born November 1873 in Glemsford, at some time during her childhood the family moved to Diss for work. Sarah Jane then married Arthur Saunders who became very prominent in the Co-Operative Society setting up a brush works in Leeds, Yorkshire, and travelled the world sourcing materials.

It is quite amazing to find myself in the same village that my forebears originated from as my partner and I have lived in very many places in the last few years such as Shropshire and France. We had no idea there was a Suffolk branch of the family!

Many thanks and kind regards

Joanne Ward
(but apparently, sadly, not related to the Wards of the Brewery! Although Wards are still brewing up in Sheffield where another branch of my family are from!)

(posted on behalf of Joanne Ward by Andrew Clarke. The Ward family are spread throughout the border parishes, and appear in mediaeval documents, but seem to have their epicentre around Long Melford. More information would be very much appreciated on the Byfords, Browns and Oakleys too)


Anonymous Caroline Harlow said...

Myra (maybe Cleomira) Brown married Henry Byford in 1832 in Cavendish. After their first child was born and by the time of the 1841 census they were in Sible Hedingham. My father is directly descended from Henry on his mother's side. The Byfords were very involved in the brewing industry as Maltsters and my great grandfather moved his family to Sussex and for a short while worked on the south coast in this trade. Henry was born in 1804/6 in Essex. They had 9 children.

22 February 2011 at 16:42  
Blogger Ken Round said...

What a great resource for tracing family, which I've just started!
My paternal grandmother Elsie Minnie was a Scrivener (lots in the area!) born I think in Clare around 1903, she lived to be just short of 101. She was one of 6 children of Henry Scrivener, his wife I've so far not identified. A sister, Edie, married Ollie Barrell and they lived in one of the cottages opposite the duck pond in Belchamp Walter. I visited a few times with my dad, her nephew, late 50's/60's. Mary, their daughter married James Flores, a US airman and still lives in the greater Los Angeles area in California.
Any information on the Scriveners and Barrells would be greatly appreciated, especially the reasons for relocating to Notts/Yorks probably pre WW1

Many thanks, Ken Round, Doncaster

2 November 2011 at 15:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that Henry's wife was Elizabeth Gowers from Hundon -married in Risbridge district in the last quarter of 1888.

I am only guessing but it would very likely that the family migrated North for economic reasons - more work and better wages

23 June 2012 at 08:36  

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